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Week 1: Foundations

How to Stay Consistent Even When it Gets Hard

Week 2: Awareness

How to Eat for Weight Loss Even if You Know Nothing About It

Ever get confused with all the different opinions on health out there?


One day, oatmeal is healthy, then it's not. Same thing goes for whole wheat bread, rice, and a long list of other foods.


In this week, we'll be breaking down the 'stupid-simple' system our clients use to know exactly what's healthy so they can stay on track. Included here is also how I'm able to eat brownies, cookies, pasta, and almost anything else I want while still staying on track with my fitness.


At the end of this module, you'll feell in control of your nutrition, and free to eat foods that tastes delicious AND make you feel great.

Week 3: Fasting

How to Use Fasting to See Incredible Fat Loss

Week 4: Fitness

Build an Exercise Plan that's Effective and Enjoyable

Here's What Else You'll Get

What we've got not enough? Make sure you tap into these incredible results-oriented bonuses.

My Fast Cooking Formula

How to Save 10 Hours a Week of Shopping & Cooking and Prepare Your Meals in Under 2 Hours

How I Eat Pasta, Brownies, or Anything Else I Want and Still Stay in Shape

Best Travel Fat Loss Hacks

How to Stay in Shape While Traveling & Still Enjoy Your Vacation (Includes 10 Workouts with Zero Equipment)

Our Quick, Healthy & Tasty Recipe Book

12 Delicious Recipes That You Can Cook in Less than 12 Minutes for Under $12

Our Healthy Food Cheatsheet

Our Fat to Fit Sleep Guide

Small Nighttime Tweaks that Will Help You Burn More Fat While in Dreamland

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"At this point I've been able to be less critical of myself when it comes to mistakes - there have definitely been far & few, because now I can have that internal dialogue with myself."

Larry Pendleton



"The techniques Schuyler helped me with were very effective, and highly recommended. With a mentor like Schuyler I feel I have made significant progress and I’m moving in the right direction. He certainly knows his stuff and I believe he can help anyone who is willing to work on themselves."

Jamie Peters

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